It’s Almost March…

And you know what that means! It’s almost Dweller time!

Dweller will be on the shelves at a bookstore near you (unless the guy in front of you bought the last copy) on March 30. If you’re an online-ordering kind of person, you can pre-order it from Amazon right now. If you’re a deluxe-edition kind of person, you can pre-order the hardcover limited edition as well.

With Pressure I did a bunch of bookstore visits, but for Dweller I’m focusing on the virtual world. This means that:

  1. Yes, I will do an interview for your website, podcast, or magazine.
  2. Yes, I will write a Guest Blog.
  3. Yes, I will do pretty much whatever you want. Make me your bitch.

So if you’ve got a blog, website, ‘zine, or anything (hell, I’ll even guest tweet!) and you want me to do something, just contact me at Use me! Abuse me! Take advantage of the fact that I would very much like for people to purchase a copy of Dweller, the lifetime story of a boy and his monster, available March 30.

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