Festivals o’ Film

This year, the Florida Film Festival, Sarasota Film Festival, and Sunscreen Film Festival all overlap, which is a great big barrel of SUCK!!! As of yet, only the Florida Film Festival has announced a preliminary lineup, so it remains to be seen if I’ll be saying “Dammit! [INSERT FILM HERE] is playing at the Sarasota Film Festival the same time [INSERT OTHER FILM HERE] is playing at the Sunscreen Film Festival!”

But two of the announced films at the Florida Film Festival are movies I’d already wanted to see: Best Worst Movie and Punching the Clown. Best Worst Movie is a documentary about the enduring popularity of Troll 2 (which I haven’t seen–the original Troll was sufficiently poor) and Punching the Clown stars Dr. Demento Show favorite Henry Phillips.

The Gasparilla Film Festival here in Tampa March 18-21 fortunately does NOT conflict with the other three. I’ll definitely be there for Brainjacked on Saturday the 20th. I’ve already seen the movie…but is one viewing of Brainjacked enough? I think not.

There’s also a thriller called Endure which I will probably see, except that the the plot description on the ticket-buying page seems to offer one big frickin’ doozy of a spoiler.

And a comedy called Friends With Benefits, notable to me because it’s written and directed by Gorman Berchard, who made Psychos in Love in the 80’s. C’mon, how can I not go see a movie made by the director of Psychos in Love, with the director in attendance? That would be madness!

2 Responses to “Festivals o’ Film”

  1. Tod Clark Says:

    I prefer REMEMBER THE TITANS as a inspiring football movie which has plenty of conflict.

    S.T.R.A.N.D BOYS



  2. jeffstrand Says:

    I haven’t seen REMEMBER THE TITANS, but I’ll certainly bow to your expertise on football-related matters!

    Strand’s Totally Repulsive And Nasty Deviants. Sweet! But I always thought that my fan base was comprised of physically attractive, healthy, smiling, freshly-scrubbed angels!


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