Paperback Horror on DWELLER

Hey, it’s time for another Dweller review! Tomorrow I will break out of Dweller promotion mode and, uh, post a couple of reviews for Gleefully Macabre Tales. But after that, I promise to post something stupid. Or maybe a review of Kick-Ass, which is the best movie of 2010 and unlikely to be topped.

Anyway, Paperback Horror posted a review of Dweller that says:

“…one of the most endearing and saddest monster stories of all time. A very powerful book with incredible characters and an addictive story structure. The best book of 2010 so far.”

(Fortunately, since Dweller is a novel and not a movie, I don’t have to compete with the awesomeness of Kick-Ass.)

Admit it–those of you who’ve been around since the How to Rescue a Dead Princess or Mandibles days didn’t see that kind of reaction coming, did you? As always, in case you think I’m a lying bastard, here’s the link to the full review:

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