A Pair of Gleefully Macabre Reviews

I thought I’d take a quick break from the Dweller promo in order to do some Gleefully Macabre Tales promo. Because, after all, for you e-book reading mavericks, the book is now available for the Kindle!

The Deepening World of Fiction said “As you read you will find honest horror, black humour, the macabre, complete and utter silliness, the gross, the humorous horrific and laugh-out-loud comedy. Strand is a madman with a pen! I’ve read just one of his books, and I’d be willing to bet I could recognize his writing anywhere. Horror is supposed to disturb. Gleefully Macabre Tales disturbs on several levels. A breath of fresh air.”

Horror-Web said “Whether you enjoy his funny or his serious stories, this collection is one worth having on your shelf.” This review also contains a reference to polydactylism, says that some stories are so good that blood will squish through your toes, and incorrectly states that Stephen King does not write his own forewords.

But you don’t HAVE to have it on your shelf, because as I said before the quotes, it’s now available as an e-book! Or you can stampede right over to Dark Regions Press and get the paperback edition by clicking the handy URL below.


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