CultureGeek on DWELLER

Author Elizabeth Donald recently reviewed Dweller in her CultureGeek column, and had–spoiler alert!–extremely kind things to say about it. Of course, I wouldn’t be posting about it if she said it sucked, but still…

“It is both intimate and epic, terrifying and grief-stricken, tense and hilarious and sad all at once…If you can’t handle the kind of terror that comes with throwing the rulebook out the window, you’d best not pick up this book.”

Did you see that? She thinks you might be too SCARED to pick up Dweller! You might not be able to HANDLE it! Oh, you should definitely prove her wrong! Don’t let her get away with suggesting that you’re too much of a wuss for this book!

The full review is at


After all of my whining about how the Florida Film Festival, the Sarasota Film Festival, and the Sunscreen Film Festival were all at the same time…I fell behind on my new book and wasn’t able to see ANYTHING.

Woe and sorrow and all that stuff.

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