Spooky Cemetery Stuff

A lot of people think that we horror authors spend our nights lurking around cemeteries. Most of us do–I mean, Greg Lamberson has to feast upon the skeletal remains of a Civil War-era prostitute each night of the crescent moon or risk losing his human form forever–but I usually don’t. Last night, however, I did.

The Greenwood Cemetery in Orlando offers monthly free two-hour historical night tours. But cemetery caretaker/horror author Owl Goingback offered to break us away from the crowd for a private tour of the graveyard…AFTER MIDNIGHT!!! (Okay, actually it was from 9:00 to 11:00 PM, but it was dark, and I didn’t have a watch on, so it might as well have been after midnight.)

Joining us were horror author and spouse Lynne Hansen and horror author J.L. Benet.  We wandered around the cemetery, hearing the stories that are inappropriate for the main tour (“This guy died of getting his face bit off by a sea monster!”). We didn’t see any ghosts, nor did any zombies rise and try to consume our flesh, nor were there any wacky antics involving falling into an open grave, but a good time was had by all.

Now go buy some Owl Goingback books.

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