Get IMMUN(3)!

Michael McBride’s latest book, IMMUN3, just became available and it’s rocketing toward a very, very quick sellout. It’s a hardcover chapbook from Delirium Books, and if you bought the hardcover of SUCKERS, or even McBride’s BLOOD WISH, you know how cool they are. It’s a fantastic story that packs a hell of a lot into a pocket-sized package (a tight fit, but you can squeeze it in there if you strain a little) and I highly recommend that you pick it up…and fast.

Unlike most limited edition books, there’s no pre-order on this one, and thus no long wait where you go on the author’s website and start posting “Dude, I ordered your book six months ago! WTF???” Nope, this one is shipping now! Buy it! Hurry! It could already be sold out because you spent so much time screwing around here! Go! Go! Go!

2 Responses to “Get IMMUN(3)!”

  1. Gef Says:

    If nothing else, that cover is cool as heck. Haven’t heard tell of Michael McBride, so far as I recall, but I’ll have to keep an eye out for his work.


  2. Myrrym Davies Says:

    Jeez, my internet goes down for one stinkin’ week, and what happens? McBride’s book gets released. Of course, it is sold out. Excuse me while I beat the Covad tech for screwing up my connection during such an important event.


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