Dweller. Kindle. Cheap.

Do you own a Kindle? If so (and I apologize if this announcement causes your head to explode with thoughts of this inconceivable awesomeness) then you can get my novel Dweller for the mere scrap of a price of $2.99.

Think about it! If you don’t like the book, you can say “Well, at least I only paid $2.99!” If you love the book, you can say “Holy cow, I received hours of top-notch entertainment for only $2.99! What a miracle of a world we live in!”

If somebody came up to you and said “I’ll give you $2.99 if you let me jab you in the leg with this pushpin,” you’d almost certainly decline, even though the pain would be brief and it wouldn’t really leave a scar. That’s how miniscule $2.99 is! And Dweller is a 2010 release, not some dorky little backlist title where I’m saying “Ah, screw it, this thing has run its course; I might as well dump it for $2.99.”

You know what? You don’t even need a Kindle. Just get the Kindle app for your computer.

$2.99. Right here.

2 Responses to “Dweller. Kindle. Cheap.”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Dude! I love your stuff. However, remember that Barnes & Noble sells your stuff for the Nook reader too! I just finished the first two Mayhem novels on my Nook. I have already purchased “Casket” and plan to read it soon.

    Freedom of choice is a great thing.


  2. jeffstrand Says:


    Yep, absolutely! I was focusing on the ultra-cheap Kindle price, but you’re right, they’re on the Nook, too! I encourage readers to buy a copy in each format to make absolutely sure they’re getting the prime reading experience!


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