A Guest Blog With Actual Writing Advice?

I just did a guest installment of Ty Schwamberger’s Hellnotes column “Tying Up The Genre,” where I talk about the scariest thing imaginable to an author…rejection!!!


3 Responses to “A Guest Blog With Actual Writing Advice?”

  1. Myrrym Davies Says:

    Great article. I rather like receiving rejection notices, especially if the editor gives specifics as to why the piece was rejected. It helps me refine the problems areas… and the next editor who reads it will see a more polished story. 🙂


  2. Ty Says:

    Great article, Jeff!


  3. Ty Says:

    Hey Jeff. I forgot to mention. Perfect timing on the subject matter in your article. I’m to the last class for this session I’m teaching at a college and we’re to the point now talking about ‘submitting your work’, publishers, rejection, etc. You’re article is a perfect handout for the class tonight!


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