Woooooooolf Hunt!!!

I’m refraining from any comments on the current mess at Leisure Books until my own role in the wacky drama is finalized…although the fact that I’m using the word “mess” is probably a clue to my feelings about the situation. But whereas the Leisure edition of WOLF HUNT is a sticky web of uncertainty (except that Leisure has discontinued their entire mass market line, meaning there won’t be a $7.99 paperback edition), the super-deluxe hardcover limited edition is in the final stages of production, and available for pre-order NOW!

It’s a werewolf novel. A really dark, mean-spirited, and funny werewolf novel, about a couple of thugs-for-hire named George and Lou who are paid to drive a guy named Ivan in a cage across Florida. They’re told that he’s a werewolf in human form. (Spoiler: And he is.) Things are going fine until…well, actually things start going crappy even before he escapes, but George and Lou ultimately find themselves going on an action-packed werewolf hunt.

Carnage. Laughs. Savagery. Explosions. Blood. Dialogue. Wild transformations created by the CGI of your mind.

Limited to 100 numbered copies and 26 lettered copies. The lettered copies come with a hand-painted Ivan the Werewolf sculpture designed by Frank Wells! How freakin’ cool is that? Order NOW NOW NOW! Even if you don’t want to order the book, click the link to gaze upon the amazing sculpture.


8 Responses to “Woooooooolf Hunt!!!”

  1. Steve Says:

    Holy cow!! We don’t hear from you for three weeks then you come back with this great news…..and on the same day my lettered SEVERED NOSE arrived!!!


  2. Steve Says:

    …and the lettered has been bought and paid for…hoo-ahhh!!!

    How’s the signed manuscript for this coming along Jeff 🙂


    • jeffstrand Says:

      Steve, as always, I’m unspeakably slow at mailing things out. I think I was savaged by a postal worker as a child…


      • Steve Says:

        “Steve, as always, I’m unspeakably slow at mailing things out. I think I was savaged by a postal worker as a child…”

        Hahaha…You dedicated ELROD thusly: “To Steve, from the world’s most postally challenged author!”…this was after you forgot to send it twice before (you did throw in THE BELL and a lettered ASPIRING LUNATIC by way of an apology 🙂 )


  3. Myrrym Davies Says:

    *does happy dance* Reserved my copy!


  4. redman Says:

    will Wolf Hunt be available as an ebook? thanks.


  5. Desmond Reddick Says:

    While the news about Leisure totally sucks and I hope it still works in Jeff’s favor, others can do what I did and pre-order the lettered edition.

    Doing that made all the difference. *Ting!*


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