Whoa! What Could THIS Be???


Crouch = Blake Crouch

Kilborn = Jack Kilborn aka J.A. Konrath

Strand = me

Wilson = F. Paul Wilson!!!

More information comin’ soon…

Draculas Q and A

Q: So what is this Draculas thing?

A: I can’t really talk about it.

Q: C’mon, you can tell ME, right?

A: No, I can’t say much of anything quite yet.

Q: Oh, I get it. This makes you feel all special and powerful and stuff, huh? “Ooooooooh, look at me, I’ve got a secret and I’m not gonna tell! Oooooooh, I bet you’re all soooooooo curious!” Well, nobody cares about your teasers. A million people just read your post and went “Meh.”

A: A million people visited my website??? That’s awesome!!!

Q: No…sorry, I just threw out a number. Twelve people just read your post and went “Meh.”

A: Dammit.

Q: Draculas is about vampires, right?

A: Again, I’m not really authorized to say much…

Q: Dude, it’s called Draculas and the cover has f***ing fangs on it! It’s about vampires! Admit it!

A: Those aren’t fangs. They’re blood.

Q: They’re blood that is obviously intended to resemble fangs. Don’t treat me like a common dullard. It’s a vampire book, right?

A: I can’t confirm or deny anything like that. I’ll be beaten. They’re really mean to me, and I just–

Q: Okay, okay, chill. So what authors are involved?

A: You know F. Paul Wilson, creator of Repairman Jack? He’s in there. Also Blake Crouch, author of amazing thrillers like Desert Places.

Q: Wow!

A: I know!

Q: Anybody else?

A: Nope, it’s Blake, me, and F. Not a bad lineup.

Q: I heard that Jack Kilborn also co-wrote it.

A: Who?

Q: Jack Kilborn…pen name of J.A. Konrath

A: [Silence.]

Q: Joe Konrath…?

A: I don’t remember him being involved. Nice guy, though.

Q: Is the book an Amazon Kindle exclusive that will sell for a mere $2.99?

A: Where did you hear that?

Q: Joe Konrath’s website.

A: Seriously? You mean he did a blog post that wasn’t about e-books?

Q: Well, no, I mean, this was saying that Draculas was a $2.99 e-book, so technically it was a post about e-books.

A: Okay, good. We wouldn’t want the earth to spin off its axis.

Q: When will there be more (lots more) information available?

A: Soon.

Q: How soon?

A: Really freaking soon.

Q: Like…should I not leave my computer?

A: I wouldn’t.

Draculas. Coming soon. Keep hitting “refresh.”

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