Draculas Q and A

Q: So what is this Draculas thing?

A: I can’t really talk about it.

Q: C’mon, you can tell ME, right?

A: No, I can’t say much of anything quite yet.

Q: Oh, I get it. This makes you feel all special and powerful and stuff, huh? “Ooooooooh, look at me, I’ve got a secret and I’m not gonna tell! Oooooooh, I bet you’re all soooooooo curious!” Well, nobody cares about your teasers. A million people just read your post and went “Meh.”

A: A million people visited my website??? That’s awesome!!!

Q: No…sorry, I just threw out a number. Twelve people just read your post and went “Meh.”

A: Dammit.

Q: Draculas is about vampires, right?

A: Again, I’m not really authorized to say much…

Q: Dude, it’s called Draculas and the cover has f***ing fangs on it! It’s about vampires! Admit it!

A: Those aren’t fangs. They’re blood.

Q: They’re blood that is obviously intended to resemble fangs. Don’t treat me like a common dullard. It’s a vampire book, right?

A: I can’t confirm or deny anything like that. I’ll be beaten. They’re really mean to me, and I just–

Q: Okay, okay, chill. So what authors are involved?

A: You know F. Paul Wilson, creator of Repairman Jack? He’s in there. Also Blake Crouch, author of amazing thrillers like Desert Places.

Q: Wow!

A: I know!

Q: Anybody else?

A: Nope, it’s Blake, me, and F. Not a bad lineup.

Q: I heard that Jack Kilborn also co-wrote it.

A: Who?

Q: Jack Kilborn…pen name of J.A. Konrath

A: [Silence.]

Q: Joe Konrath…?

A: I don’t remember him being involved. Nice guy, though.

Q: Is the book an Amazon Kindle exclusive that will sell for a mere $2.99?

A: Where did you hear that?

Q: Joe Konrath’s website.

A: Seriously? You mean he did a blog post that wasn’t about e-books?

Q: Well, no, I mean, this was saying that Draculas was a $2.99 e-book, so technically it was a post about e-books.

A: Okay, good. We wouldn’t want the earth to spin off its axis.

Q: When will there be more (lots more) information available?

A: Soon.

Q: How soon?

A: Really freaking soon.

Q: Like…should I not leave my computer?

A: I wouldn’t.

Draculas. Coming soon. Keep hitting “refresh.”


13 Responses to “Draculas Q and A”

  1. Joe Konrath Says:

    You revealed too much. The Guild has been dispatched to deal with you…


  2. Cherri Galbiati Says:

    Great Q & A. Love the cover, too!


  3. Steve Says:

    You got me excited. Haven’t been that way in a long time.


  4. dreamsgate Says:

    Now I am very VERY curious. I want more info.


  5. Myrrym Davies Says:

    Well, as long as they don’t sparkle…


  6. Keith Hammer Says:

    This is really cold! Funny! But cold! With all these great authors I want to know what the hell this book is about – dammit! LOL! OK – so I paid my $2.99 – I want more . . . and dammit Strand, you’re funny! But not forthcoming! :<)


  7. Christy Pinheiro Says:

    This was very charming. Let me guess… was Joe the one playing the interviewer? He seems rather glib.


  8. Keith Hammer Says:

    Why was DRACULAS pulled from Amazon.com for Kindles? Of course I got my copy at the stroke of midnight.


  9. Ty Johnston Says:

    I am the member of the Guild sent to deal with you. Tell me all the information and I’ll let you walk. This time.


  10. Joe Konrath Says:

    @ Keith – The teaser chapters are supposed to be free, Keith. They’ll be up tonight or tomorrow. Ask Amazon for a refund and download the freebie when it goes live.

    You managed to locate it the very moment it went live, and the pricing wasn’t set yet. In other words, you bought it before we were ready to give it away.

    When this book is ready to go, DRACULAS will have two Amazon pages.

    One will be the first fifty pages, for free.

    The other will be a pre-order page, for $2.99. If you buy the pre-order, it will be delivered the moment is it published, on October 19.

    That said, hope you liked the first 50 pages. You’re the first person who got to read them. 🙂


  11. Keith Hammer Says:

    Yes, the teaser pages were just that . . . now I have to wait until October to start again; when I am ready to sink my teeth into NOW! Oh, excuse the the lame pun – Jeff Strand wannabe. LOL! Thanks guys! Looking forward to more . . .


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