If you own a Kindle, or even the free Kindle app, you can now get Gleefully Macabre Tales for $2.99! Now that the book also includes my novella Disposal, that’s over 80,000 words of demented stories for less than three bucks!

Buy! Buy! Buy! Encourage the digital editions of my other books to take a similar plunge in price!

Click here to take advantage of the madness!

2 Responses to “GLEEFULLY MACABRE TALES e-book for $2.99!”

  1. Joe Konrath Says:

    Only $2.99? Sold! And I already have a print copy.


  2. Cas Says:

    I was pretty excited by this, promptly downloaded it and found out it was DRM protected; thus, I was excluded from enjoying it on my Sony. Any chance I can get this someplace in a Sony friendly format? I’d love to have it.


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