Available in Kindle and paperback editions.

Audiobook read by Eric Dawe. 

Draculas is a collaborative novel written by me, F. Paul Wilson, Blake Crouch, and Jack Kilborn. (Yep, a novel, not a collection of stories.)

Think: a hospital overrun by vampires. Mean ones. Scary ones. Vampires that are so non-sparkly that when they transform, their freakin’ teeth burst right through their freakin’ cheeks and lips! It’s like the lower half of their faces just get absolutely shredded in the process! Is that gross and awesome or what? (Obviously, they only change once.)

If you like your vampires to be dreamy, this is not the novel for you. Spend your $2.99 elsewhere.

If you prefer restrained horror, where a sense of unease and foreboding is achieved through an eerie breeze in the Autumn leaves, start composing your one-star Amazon review now.

But if you want blood, blood, blooooood, and action, action, aaaaaction, and more than one scene involving intestines, Draculas is the book for you.

The Kindle edition will be out October 21st for $2.99. (Remember that you don’t need an actual Kindle, just the free Kindle app.) You can pre-order it HERE.

Or, if you want a generously portioned FREE sample, just click HERE, which will let you read more than enough of the novel to figure out if you’re going to love it or cluck your tongue in a disapproving fashion.

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