WOLF HUNT: Not Awesome News

I’ve sorta mentioned this elsewhere, but it’s time for the official announcement: The Leisure Books (Dorchester) mass market paperback edition of Wolf Hunt isn’t gonna happen. Yeah, yeah, I’m bummed too. The Dorchester issues have been discussed in great detail elsewhere on the Internet, so I won’t whine about them here, but suffice to say that while the people I worked with there were genuinely fantastic, I thought it was better to NOT have them publish it than to have them publish it.

Where does that leave Wolf Hunt? I’m not sure. Right now I’m taking a “No need to rush into anything” approach, though of course if anybody wants to offer me $250,000 to publish it I’ll totally rush into that. You’ll get to read the book. “When” remains to be seen…

Of course, there’s always the snazzy hardcover edition. And if I change the title back to Werewolf Hunt (which I might! I have the power now! The marketing department’s not the boss of me!) think of how collectible it will be! OMG!!!


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