It’s been a darn good couple of weeks for getting author copies in the mail, including the hardcover edition of Wolf Hunt and the super deluxe edition of The Severed Nose. But maybe you don’t WANT an entire book written by me. Maybe you’re thinking “I like his writing, I guess, but it’s better in small doses.” If so, the following new releases are for you!

Horror Library Volume 4. My story “The Apocalypse Ain’t So Bad” was in Volume 3. Now I’m in Volume 4 with “Drain Bamage,” the tale of a boy who drops his baby sister on her head. She’s fine–there’s no splattering involved–but now the little boy is consumed with guilt and paranoia, endlessly watching her for signs that he might have done some damage…

Blood Lite II: Overbite. Another repeat engagement: I was in the original Blood Lite with “The Bell…FROM HELL!!!” This time it’s “Eight-Legged Vengeance,” a dark comedy about the dangers of trying to bake a live tarantula into a cake as revenge against your ex-girlfriend. (Hint: Don’t do that.) This book is presented by the Horror Writers Association and you should be able to find it pretty much anywhere you buy books.

Zombie Nation St. Pete. This time I wasn’t in the original book, which was a collection of zombie stories set in St. Petersburg, Florida. The sequel is another collection of zombie stories set in St. Petersburg, because obviously that place has a serious frickin’ zombie problem. My contribution is “Dead in the Water,” and it’s about how if there’s a bridge that’s swarming with thousands of zombies, and the military shoots missiles at the bridge, and you’re UNDER the bridge, and all of the zombies rain down upon you, your life may suck.

Cinema Futura. A collection of essays about 60 different science fiction movies, each by a different author. Mine is on that 1987 masterpiece of satirical cyborg carnage: RoboCop.

And, of course, my short story “Rough Draft” is available to read for free…but only for the month of November! Then it goes bye-bye.

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