Alert! Emergency! Panic!

Wolf Hunt is down to the last couple of copies each of the limited edition hardcover and DELUXE limited edition hardcover from Dark Regions Press. If you don’t click this link, and then subsequently click the little circles that add items to your cart, YOU MAY MISS OUT!!! And, oh, how they’ll laugh at you, as your face burns in shame.

Did I mention that the deluxe edition comes with a hand-painted four-inch Ivan the Werewolf statue that was made by Frank Wells?

2 Responses to “Alert! Emergency! Panic!”

  1. Steve Says:

    I got my lettered a few weeks ago but no sign of the statue yet. Looking forward to seeing it…looks very nice.

    I was a tad peeved that DRP dropped the price of the lettered by $25 after I’d ordered mine. Look where loyalty gets you…grrr


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