The Pipeline!

For those of you who are interested, here’s what’s in the ol’ book pipeline…

Fangboy. Horror/comedy novel. Completed. Edited. Final galleys are sitting in my e-mail at this very moment. To be published April 2011 by Delirium Books.

Faint of Heart. Very dark suspense novella. Completed. Edited. Publication date unscheduled, but it’ll be from Sideshow Press, working in conjunction with Chris Hedges of Insidious Publications.

Within. Supernatural thriller. In progress. Primary writing project. Projected Completion Date: Sometime next month. No publisher, no deadline, no stress.

Anything Dangerous. Action/adventure comedy. Three chapters and a synopsis.



4 Responses to “The Pipeline!”

  1. Steve Black Says:

    Wow! You’ve been a busy boy. When can we order Fangboy?


  2. Kyle L. Says:

    Yay new books!!!


  3. Jim Says:

    Remember that pipelines have to pass through Riverview on their way to all points civilized!


  4. Desmond Reddick Says:

    Consider them all bought.


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