Moment of Senility Averted

So I paid my daily visit to, which puts all of your ego-surfing needs into one convenient location. And I found a blurb from me for a novel called Husk.

My first thought: “I didn’t blurb any book called Husk!”

My second thought: “Did I blurb Husk and just don’t remember it? Has my brain deteriorated to the point where I can offer my personal seal of approval on a novel that I have no memory of ever reading? When the hell did I even read Husk?”

My third thought: “Those bastards are falsely attributing blurbs to me and hoping that I don’t check Addictomatic! I will DESTROY them! NOBODY slaps phony blurbs by me on books I haven’t read! Grrrrrr! Grrrrrr! Grrrrrr!”

(Okay, I didn’t really have a thought like that, but blinding rage makes for more interesting website posts.)

Then, just as I was about to click the “Sue Now” button on my laptop, I realized that I had indeed read and enjoyed Husk–they’d just given the book a different title. Fair enough.

So when Husk by Matt Hults goes up for pre-order from Books of the Dead Press, you may purchase it with the confidence that they weren’t just going “Ha ha ha! Let’s make up a blurb and see if that goober notices!” They are, however, basing a tiny part of their promotion on the idea that people will read the blurb and go “Oooooh!” instead of “Crap! Strand likes it? Remove from cart.” Never a great idea.


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