The Monster’s Corner

This looks kind of cool. I wonder if I know any of the authors in it…?


28 Responses to “The Monster’s Corner”

  1. Kyle L. Says:

    Are you in the Jeff??


  2. Kyle L. Says:

    “in the book”, my bad, typos abound when I’m tired.


  3. Desmond Reddick Says:

    Ha! “In the Jeff!”

    That should be a thing.


  4. Kyle L. Says:

    I claim all publishing rights πŸ˜›


  5. Jim Says:

    While you guys work out the grammatical details, I’m trying to figure out where we can pre-order this sucker! (And will there be a digital version!!!)


  6. Kyle L. Says:

    Yes, Jeff, please details. I tried looking it up and can’t find it anywhere, help out your faithful followers!


  7. Jim Says:

    No Amazon, no Horror Mall, no Cemetery Dance. I even tried the library.

    Folks, I believe we’re looking at an exclusive!


  8. Kyle L. Says:

    We’re like little kids that were dangled something shiny a month before our birthdays and then told to wait, lol.


  9. Jim Says:

    You know he’s sitting back, watching us frenzy about likes sharks with a wounded dolphin, and laughing!


  10. Jim Says:


    Due out in October!?!

    Jeff, you are being quite mean to your minions.


  11. Kyle L. Says:

    Nice nice, sounds like it should be good. St. Martins Press, I wonder if Maberry is going to be a contributor…


  12. Jim Says:

    Yes, our fearless leader does indeed have a presence!

    Teasers, please?


  13. Kyle L. Says:

    Ok ok ok, so now that we have seen the lineup, where can we pre-order this thing and when??? That is a great lineup of authors, very excited. Yay for more stuff of Jeffs! Now all I want is *cough* the Sinister Mr. Corpse on my Kindle *cough cough*


    • jeffstrand Says:

      I have no idea when pre-orders will begin, but it’s a big-publisher release and not a limited edition, so nobody’s gonna miss out.

      As soon as I finish reviewing the FANGBOY galleys, which are due by the end of the month, MR. CORPSE for the Kindle is going to become my side project.


      • Jim Says:

        Ok, Kyle, spread the word. Communication black-out beginning Feb. 1. No questions. No comments. No gratuitous praisies and fanning with palm fronds. Nothing for him to read or respond to. Nothing must get in the way of THE SIDE PROJECT!

        And then, while we are enjoying Mr. Corpse, perhaps there will be ensuing Mayhem (not the cat.)


  14. Kyle L. Says:

    I’m all on it Jim. I really want that on my Kindle to read! No cognac and strippers coming around until you finish Jeff! πŸ™‚

    Jeff you have made me a very happy reader! You probably have posted this somewhere else, but is Fangboy going to be a limited book that I should be saving up for to order?

    Good news on the Monsters being a major release!


    • jeffstrand Says:

      FANGBOY is going to be a hardcover limited, a trade paperback, and an e-book, so the thrifty amongst us need skip only a McDonald’s value meal.


      • Jim Says:

        I’ve made a deal with the voices in my head. 20 pounds by release day and I can get the limited hardcover!


      • jeffstrand Says:

        Lose or gain?


      • Jim Says:

        You’ve seen me — you know the answer to that one.

        Besides, it’s the voices coming from the kegerator that want me to gain.

        Hmmmm… maybe a mounting bracket for the kindle that could be hooked to the treadmill!


  15. Kyle L. Says:

    So for me, I need to cut out coffee for a week or two, and I’ll be good. Definitely let us know so we can put in our orders for the limited hardcover!


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