FANGBOY: Don’t Blink!

Okay, if you’re interested in the paperback or e-book editions of Fangboy, you can skip this post. You’re covered. You won’t miss out. I’ll bug you about them later. However, if you’re one of those people who seeks the hardcover limited edition…

It goes up for pre-order tomorrow (Tuesday the 8th) morning. I’m not sure when. Some number with an “AM” after it, Eastern Time. It’s a limited edition of 150 copies, but most of those copies are already spoken for. And when I say “most,” I mean that there are gonna be fewer than 20 of these things when the pre-order link goes live.

I may or may not be able to do a “Pre-orders are live!” update before they’re gone. What this means is:

If you sorta want one: Keep checking Facebook, Twitter, or this website for the announcement.

If you really, really want one: Go to and refresh, refresh, refresh!

There you go. I’m not in favor of imprisoning my readers in front of their computer (and, of course, I’m also not in favor of looking like a complete jackass in this thing takes three months to sell out) but early indicators are that there aren’t going to be enough hardcover Fangboys to go around, so collectors be prepared!

And, hey, check out the very first review!

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