The Sinister Mr. Corpse has always been one of my most popular novels among those who read it…but the fact that it was only available in a hardcover limited edition of 250 copies has kept its readership numbers down a bit.

But that’s going to change! At this very moment, I’m taking a break from working on the e-book edition to let you know that I’m almost done with the e-book edition. There’s some proofreading, cover-tweaking, and a couple of very minor formatting glitches to work out, but there should be a $2.99 edition of The Sinister Mr. Corpse on your hot little Kindle/Nook/Sony/skull implant within the next few days! Here’s the new cover:



























The cover design is by Lynne Hansen. Mr. Corpse’s stand-in is Jim Morey of the Jim Morey Band. Click those hyperlinks, kids!

Shortly after that…Wolf Hunt, which will also be published in trade paperback by Dark Regions Press.

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