Ursa Major

There are two strong selling points to the novella Ursa Major:

1. It was written by the brilliant John R. Little, author of Placeholders, The Memory Tree, Miranda, and other amazing books.

2. It’s about a KILLER GRIZZLY BEAR!!!

Either element would have been sufficient cause to part with my money, but together, Ursa Major was a book that I had to read as soon as I heard about it. (A third selling point is that it takes place in Fairbanks, Alaska, which is where I grew up and also the setting of my upcoming novella Faint of Heart, but I didn’t know that before I bought it.)

And it doesn’t disappoint. Dan, in an effort to bond with Nichole, the 6-year-old daughter of the woman he’s been dating for a year, takes the girl on a weekend cabin trip. Nichole doesn’t have much fun and wants to go home, and they’re just about to pack it up when the trip suddenly becomes even less fun, because suddenly they’re trapped in the cabin by a big-ass grizzly bear!

That’s the whole premise, and that’s all you need. Ursa Major is a nail-biting thriller with all the depth of character you’d expect from a John R. Little book and all the excitement you’d want from a “man vs. bear” story.

It comes out next month from Bad Moon Books (I bought a copy, and then politely-but-firmly requested that John send me a PDF so I could read it sooner). Get it HERE.


One Response to “Ursa Major”

  1. Desmond Reddick Says:

    Holy shit! I’m all about killer bears!


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