Watch The Stokers LIVE!

Let’s face it, there are really only two options for Saturday night:

1. Be at the Bram Stoker Awards banquet.

2. Sit at home, sadly wishing that you were at the Bram Stoker Awards banquet.

If it’s #2, I can ease some of your pain! The awards banquet (with me as Master of Ceremonies) will be available live on the very internet that you’re using to read this! The fun starts at approximately 9:30 PM EST on Saturday, June 18.

The Gleefully Macabre Podcast: Episode 3!

Yes, it’s time for another exciting (and free, of course) episode of Dread Media Presents: Gleefully Macabre, my mini-podcast! In this episode, I discuss the fact that the episode is really late, and quickly review Hobo With A Shotgun, Sugar Hill, and Enter the Dragon. 

Listen at


Or, if you’re an iTunes kind of person, subscribe to “Dread Media.”

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