Specimen 313 For Free!

The Monster’s Corner, a collection of short stories where the monsters are the good guys (or at least you understand why they feel the need to go on murderous destructive rampages) comes out on September 27 from St. Martin’s Press. This book is so awesome that the publisher said “You know what? We’ve got nothing to hide here. Let’s give away a couple of stories for FREE.”

“Specimen 313,” written by me, is one of those stories. That’s right, much of the fate of The Monster’s Corner rests on my shoulders. If people read it and think it sucks, they won’t buy The Monster’s Corner and it’ll be all my fault. Editor Christopher Golden will kick me in the side of the head. But if they like it…my gosh, I’d be a hero! I’d be the guy who rescued the publishing industry from its impending collapse!

Anyway, it’s free, and I’ll love you forever if you download a copy. Even if you were going to buy The Monster’s Corner anyway, which you know you were, go ahead and download the e-book. Publishers Weekly called it “an effectively funny tale of love and plant monsters.” You like love and plant monsters, right?

Click here for “Specimen 313” for Kindle.


Click here for “Specimen 313” for Nook

5 Responses to “Specimen 313 For Free!”

  1. Jim Says:

    Mad doctors! Hideous creations! Romance! It has everything we could want from a monster tale, and more.

    Can a work of short fiction be considered brilliant? Well, maybe not, but this one has taken top spot of all the ones that have seen print to date. (Sorry, it’s going to fall to number two in October, but not by much.)

    Thanks for making it available in advance. I’ve had the book on pre-order since it was announced. I hope the rest of the stories measure up.


  2. jeffstrand Says:

    Thanks, Jim! Which story is going to steal its place in October?


    • Jim Says:

      “Scrumptious Bone Bread,” from Blood Lite III is going to pull way out in front. Not to take anything away from “Specimen 313,” it’s just really that good.


  3. Kyle Says:

    Thanks for making it free Jeff, that was a great little read!


  4. Tim Says:

    Dammit…Maybe I will give this ebook thing a try even though it goes completely against my ethics 🙂


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