Now I’m Posting With Power!!!

Yes, I’m posting this website update with my new iPad2. Now I can consume media like never before!

10 Responses to “Now I’m Posting With Power!!!”

  1. Muriel Says:

    My condolences.


  2. Jim Says:

    Yehaw! Nothing like new tech toys!

    Let’s see… Angry Birds Labor Day, Angry Birds Halloween, Angry Birds Christmas, Angry Birds New Year…

    I guess we’re looking at a late January release for the Mayhem books?


  3. Kyle L. Says:

    Oh no, this could lead to horrible, horrible things. He’ll post pictures of gummy bears, keep a blog about Snapple….

    I’ve been playing way too much Angry Birds, Jim. I think in the time I’ve played that so far on my Droid, I could have read at least one whole book, it’s sad.


    • Jim Says:

      I had Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds RIO loaded at one point, but dumped 2 of them for the space. I was going to dump the third one (seasons) because I saw what a time sink it could become, but my daughter wouldn’t let me 🙂

      So instead I loaded Alchemy…


      • Kyle L. Says:

        All these fun games for Jeff! I’ve gotten 68/380 for Alchemy, and I’m a friggin chemist/senior research tech, lol. Need to get him hooked on Plants vs. Zombies too!


      • Jim Says:

        I haz that one for me PC. Had to take the icon off the desktop so it wasn’t so bloody accessible!


      • Jim Says:

        Oh, 44/380, but I just started last night. 🙂


      • jeffstrand Says:

        I played Angry Birds on my sister’s iPhone for about 2 minutes, not long enough to get hooked. I’ve played Plants vs. Zombies all the way through (not all of the mini-games, but the primary game) but I’ve never tried Alchemy. Based on this comment thread, I think I shall skip it until I’m two or three novels ahead…


      • Jim Says:

        That may be a very wise decision.

        The game is deceptively simple, but requires one to approach it very methodically. The nice thing is that you can play for 2 minutes or 2 hours at a time, depending on your mood. I also like it because it doesn’t require fast reflexes or accurate targeting. Just a nice, peaceful puzzle oriented game.

        Terribly addicting as you work out “system” after “system” trying to find a way to keep from missing elemental combinations.

        Hmmm… maybe a few combines before dinner… ???


      • Jim Says:



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