Many people say to me “Gosh, Jeff, your books are sure swell, but can you act?”

I always chuckle and say “Yes, indeed I can,” because no evidence exists either way, so why not lie?

But now YOU can be the judge. Because I have a 15-second role in THE UH-OH SHOW, the new film from legendary splatter director Herschell (BLOOD FEAST) Gordon (2000 MANIACS) Lewis (THE GORE GORE GIRLS). I’m not saying that my role (spoiler: I die) is the greatest part of the movie, nor am I saying that it is the standard by which all future 15-second roles will be judged, but I’m not denying that, either.

Order your copy from Amazon right here!

First Mobile Post

Yes, this update is not only being posted on my IPad, but I’m posting from Panera (“Where free wireless means that you will never, ever get a seat inside”). The sky is darkening and it’s going to be a race to finish my turkey sandwich before the thunderstorm begins. I probably won’t do many mobile updates, because they encourage me to share things like how I’m trying to finish a turkey sandwich before a thunderstorm, but it’s nice to have the option.

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