Many people say to me “Gosh, Jeff, your books are sure swell, but can you act?”

I always chuckle and say “Yes, indeed I can,” because no evidence exists either way, so why not lie?

But now YOU can be the judge. Because I have a 15-second role in THE UH-OH SHOW, the new film from legendary splatter director Herschell (BLOOD FEAST) Gordon (2000 MANIACS) Lewis (THE GORE GORE GIRLS). I’m not saying that my role (spoiler: I die) is the greatest part of the movie, nor am I saying that it is the standard by which all future 15-second roles will be judged, but I’m not denying that, either.

Order your copy from Amazon right here!

7 Responses to “THE UH-OH SHOW Now on DVD”

  1. Jim Says:

    So, when are we having the HGL marathon?


  2. Jim Says:

    Digging through my archives, I find I have quite a few of his films that I haven’t watched yet. Unfortunately, The Uh-OH Show isn’t one of them — yet.

    Two Thousand Maniacs
    The Gore-Gore Girls
    Blood Feast 1 & 2
    The Wizard of Gore


  3. Jim Says:

    Placed my order for The Uh-Oh Show, and while I was there I picked up 2 more After Dark Originals and pre-ordered 1 more. That just leaves one to go…


  4. Jim Says:

    I finally got a chance


  5. Jim Says:

    (F#@k$&% small keyboards!)

    I finally got a chance to watch this, and it was OH SO BAD. I can’t believe I didn’t watch it SOONER!!!

    I seemed to miss your epic death scene, however. Can you narrow down the time frame?


  6. Jeff Strand Says:

    It’s very close to the end of the movie, after the security guards have been tied together. I’m the sound engineer in the control room who hears the Big Bad Wolf and goes out to investigate, then gets grabbed! (It’s not an on-screen death.)


    • Jim Says:

      Flipped right back to it, not sure how I missed it the first go around. Now, you can belittle your role all you want, but come on, that has to rank right up there with meeting your wife as a coolest life event ever!

      It was hard to tell from the look on your face if you were very intense and into the moment, or just trying to look away from the camera and not trip running out of the room? (You knew I had to make at least one smart comment.)


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