Movie Marathon!!!

I have lots and lots of writing and various other things to do…which I’m going to start tomorrow, because today is MOVIE MARATHON DAY!!!

First feature: the last 20 minutes or so of BRUTAL MASSACRE, which so far has delivered some hilarious jokes, some lame jokes, and some scenes that seem like nobody could think of a joke so they just moved on to the next scene.

UPDATE #1: BRUTAL MASSACRE is a lot of fun, though not as funny as an episode of PROJECT GREENLIGHT. Lots of the gags don’t really go anywhere, but it does have some very amusing moments. Next up: the second half of RUBBER.

UPDATE #2: RUBBER is bizarre even by the standards of a movie about a killer tire with telekinetic powers. Next feature: DOGTOOTH!

UPDATE #3: The first half of DOGTOOTH could be called WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON?: THE MOTION PICTURE. We’ll see if all is explained in the second half…

UPDATE #4: All was most certainly not explained. What a weird, weird, weird movie. But I liked it. Next: LAID TO REST.

UPDATE #5: LAID TO REST is fast, gory, kinda dumb, and definitely an above-average slasher pic. I haven’t decided what’s next…

UPDATE #6: …and it turned out to be LAKE MUNGO, which is very tame as far as scares go, but a surprisingly gripping fake documentary. Even with the ghost stuff, if they cut one scene, somebody could have told me that this was a real documentary and I never would have doubted it.

FINAL UPDATE: I watched about half an hour of the NIGHT OF THE DEMONS remake, which I can’t fairly judge because it hasn’t really had much in the way of demons yet, and the first hour of THE REEF. I’ll probably finish up THE REEF in time for SHARK NIGHT 3D, which I hope is more like PIRANHA 3D than JAWS 3D.

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