The Dead Milkmen Return!

Somehow, internet social media failed to let me know that The Dead Milkmen have a new album out: The King In Yellow. It’s been out since March. I haven’t followed The Dead Milkmen very closely in recent years, since the last time I checked the official “Will The Dead Milkmen ever perform or record again?” answer was “No. It’s over. And one of our two lead singers committed suicide.”

But, hey, they’re back! Sweeeeeet! I immediately bought the album and have only listened to one track so far (“Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song”) but it sounds like vintage Dead Milkmen. I am very, very, very happy.

Also, they’re playing as part of the Athens Popfest October 11-15th. That’s a bit of a hike from Tampa (though since it’s Athens, Georgia and not Athens, Greece it’s not that bad) and thanks to my rather limited musical knowledge the only other act on the lineup that I recognize is Marc With A C. But I really like Marc With A C.


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