So today Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, sent out an apology e-mail for the way the recent price hike was handled. This is why he is a CEO and I am not, because MY official statement would have been:

Dear Netflix customers,

Are you f***ing kidding me?!? You get to watch unlimited movies and TV shows on Netflix streaming, plus receive DVDs in the mail, and you’re throwing a temper tantrum over paying $15.98 a month?!? Seriously? You whiny spoiled brats think you’re getting ripped off at that price? Shouldn’t you be saying “Holy f***ing s**t! We live in a world where I can pay sixteen bucks and watch as many movies as my eyeballs can handle without melting!”? If you went back in time and described Netflix to your younger self, your younger self’s f***ing head would explode! I mean, f***, people!

Bite me. Just f***ing bite me.



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