Camp Motion Pictures

I almost never buy DVDs anymore, so what does it say about me that THIS is something I needed to own?

Camp Motion Pictures did a few shot-on-video movies in the 80’s. Not digital video, kids, but camcorder movies that looked like soap operas. The logo before their movies, with a computer-graphics rocket circling the earth, was laughably cheap looking even for 25 years ago. But I loved Video Violence, Cannibal Campout, and especially Video Violence 2, which I probably watched 10 times. I guess 10 viewings doesn’t make one into a psycho rabid insane fan, but still, I watched a cheap shot-on-video sequel 10 times! Loved it!

And now they’re on DVD, along with Captives (which I’ve never seen) and The Basement (an unreleased Super 8 film). With lots of special features, including commentary tracks! I cannot freaking wait to hear the filmmakers talk about stuff like Video Violence.

I love commentary tracks for movies where the filmmakers no longer find it necessary to preserve relationships. Another recent DVD purchase was Season Three of Breaking Bad, because it was ridiculously cheap and I wanted to hear the commentary tracks. Breaking Bad is a beyond-awesome show, probably the best TV show I’ve ever seen…and the commentary for each episode basically involves the cast and crew telling each other how fantastic they are. I already know the show is good. That’s why I bought the DVD. Enough with the stroke-fest!

For all I know, the Cannibal Campout commentary is entirely “You’re awesome!” “No, you’re awesome!” “No, you’re awesome!” And there’s an excellent chance that Video Violence 2 does not hold up. I will probably be very sad after I watch it.

Still, I was extremely psyched when the mailman dropped this off today. And did I mention that it comes in an oversized VHS-style box, and that it actually contains a VHS copy of The Basement? My VHS player has not been used in years, but it’s still hooked up, so maybe I’ll take an adventure back to the “Be Kind, Rewind” and “Dammit, why can’t I fix the tracking?” days…

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