Gleefully Macabre Podcast: Episode Four!


It’s been so long since I did the last episode of my podcast that you probably forgot that I had a podcast. But I do. A short one. And you can listen to the fourth episode of Dread Media Presents: Gleefully Macabre right here:

Or, subscribe to Dread Media on iTunes.

In this episode, I talk about deadlines, BEST WORST MOVIE, and most importantly, present you with the song “Waiting For A Bad Day For Voodoo,” by the lovely and talented Trevor Strong!

I cannot promise that there will never be another podcast delay this long. However, I CAN promise you that Episode Five won’t take as long, because it’s already done.

2 Responses to “Gleefully Macabre Podcast: Episode Four!”

  1. Ty Schwamberger Says:

    Funny, but so true!


  2. Tim M Says:

    I indeed did break into a cold sweat…but only for a moment.


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