Welcome to 2012!

2011 was a pretty good year. It began with a new novel (Fangboy) and ended with one (Lost Homicidal Maniac (Answers to “Shirley”)) with a handful of short stories stuck in-between.

Wolf Hunt, which is technically a 2010 novel because of the hardcover limited edition, got its big push in 2011 and became one of my most popular books. The option for the movie version of Pressure was renewed for a third time, so you may see that at a theatre near you!

For 2012, two books are already complete. My first young adult novel, A Bad Day For Voodoo, will be available in February as a hardcover limited edition, and the paperback will be out everywhere in June. My suspense novella Faint of Heart should go up for pre-order “soon.”

What am I gonna write in 2012? I’ve got a bunch of different projects in various stages of completion (mostly the early stages). What kind of stuff do YOU wanna see?

Here’s to an awesome 2012 for everybody…


14 Responses to “Welcome to 2012!”

  1. Jim Says:

    What do we want to see? Do you even have to ask?

    Mayhem V – VIII !!! (I kept it realistic. I figured one new one per quarter was a reasonable request, given the last one only took seven years.)

    How about Pressure 2? Has that been abandoned or merely shelved?

    And DEFINITELY more shorts!

    Maybe some hints at what is in the development stages? Sometimes you just don’t know what to ask for until you know what might be available. I’m looking down the list of published works, and in terms of subject matter, looks like anything goes, so maybe we could encourage things you already have in mind.

    A literary buffet for 2012. I’ll definitely be back for seconds!


    • jeffstrand Says:

      Readers seem to be really liking Mayhem IV so far, but we’ll see how it sells!

      DEATHLESS (the sequel to PRESSURE) has definitely not been abandoned, though it’s not an active project right now. But it could definitely happen within the next year or so.

      There’ll be plenty more shorts. I’m committed to three new ones at the moment, and I’m sure there’ll be more. MAYBE a second book-length compilation for 2012.

      Books in development that have at least a few chapters written are ANYTHING DANGEROUS (an action/adventure comedy), WITHIN (a supernatural thriller), SPOILER WARNING (a comedy), and BLISTER (a macabre love story). None of those are under contract, so this is not an official announcement that those books will ever exist!


      • Jim Says:

        All of those in development sound like they will get a thumbs up. As far as a book length compilation of shorts, with so many just recently published and those that are still in the ether, I hadn’t even dared to hope for a Gleefully Macabre Tales II.


      • jeffstrand Says:

        For what it’s worth, I’ve got about 83,000 words’ worth of post-GLEEFULLY MACABRE TALES short fiction, 49,000 of which has been out long enough that I could use it in a second collection. Instead of waiting another year to reprint some of the more recent pieces, I may write a few new stories to bring the collection to book-length.


      • Jim Says:

        Sweet! I’d like to preorder a copy now, please!


  2. K Says:

    Another Wolf Hunt or similar plus are we going to see more Mayhem? I have only recently (last couple months) discovered you so haven’t had a chance to read all your books yet but I’m working on it. Wolf Hunt ferociously flung you (hope you didn’t get whiplash) to the upper echelon of my favorite authors list, ousting the Lincoln Child/Douglas Preston duo (their last three books have been horrible disappointments to me).

    I was checking out the World Horror Convention 2012 and see you are listed as Master of Ceremonies….true? How cool is that? Stephen King will be jealous…


    • jeffstrand Says:

      Thanks, K! George and Lou will almost certainly return for another bloody adventure, although I haven’t started on it. I’d planned to switch monsters and do something like MUMMY HUNT, but they may end up fighting another (but very different) werewolf.


  3. K Says:

    Guess it helps if I read the previous post that clearly states another Mayhem is coming out…no one claimed I was too observant or bright.


  4. Kyle Says:

    All I know is A Bad Day For Voodoo can’t get into my hands soon enough. 🙂


  5. Tim M Says:

    Who is publishing A Bad Day for Voodoo?


    • jeffstrand Says:

      The limited edition hardcover is DarkFuse, and the paperback/e-book edition is Sourcebooks.


      • Tim M Says:

        Thank you sir! You said this was a young adult book right? If so I’m going to hook my son up with his first Jeff Strand epic.


      • jeffstrand Says:

        Tim, yep, it’s YA. No sex and only PG-level swearing, though there’s a lot of cartoonish splattery violence.


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