If you’re waiting for the print edition, that’s totally cool. I’ll let you know when you can get it. However, if you were planning to read the e-book edition…well, that thing has been out for, like, a week already. Why be a slacker? I understand that since it’s an e-book you can get it anytime you want and it’s not going to sell out (or, more likely, be pulped), but what happens if I suddenly have a nervous breakdown and decide that Faint of Heart completely SUCKS and frantically unpublish it? You’d have to download a pirated version and then spend the rest of your life with a mild sensation of guilt gnawing at you. That would bite.

Get yourself a way-cheap copy right HERE.


2 Responses to “Did You Get FAINT OF HEART Yet?”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    I got a copy for free, I’m 2/3 through and having a hard time putting it down. But this is no surprise, I’ve loved all your books so far.
    Thank for the thrills!


  2. Tim M Says:

    Great book…I just finished this at work. Great pace and very entertaining.


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