Stuff You Should Buy, Part I

In theory, there will be a full World Horror Convention report coming to this very website. (Spoiler Alert: I did not win a Bram Stoker Award, because I wasn’t nominated for one, but I did emcee the awards banquet. I was also on a panel with Robert McCammon, Joe Lansdale, and Sherilynn Kenyon.) But until my brain grows back, I’m just going to let you know that the excellent adventure novel Burial Ground by Michael McBride is now available as a snazzy limited edition hardcover from Thunderstorm Books.

It’s just like one of my books, except with actual research. Or, more accurately, it’s like the second half of The Mad & The Macabre. You bought The Mad & The Macabre, right? The first half of that was my novella Kutter and the second half was McBride’s novella Remains. So if you thought Remains was way better than Kutter, you’ll think Burial Ground is way better than…um, let’s say Fangboy.

Order your copy (limited to 190 of ’em, and the super mega-deluxe edition is sold out!) right HERE.

Or get the extremely inexpensive e-book edition right HERE.

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