Paperback Edition of FAINT OF HEART Now Available!

At long last…well, not all THAT long, but longer than “instant gratification”…the paperback edition of my suspense novella Faint of Heart is available from Gallows Press!

(You can even click to look inside! Sweet!)

This book is much too suspenseful for you to handle, but you may have a friend or a niece who can deal with such knuckle-whitening terror, and this makes a fantastic gift. Get it from Amazon RIGHT HERE or directly from Gallows Press RIGHT HERE.

Or, if you want an expert opinion first, check out Elizabeth A. White’s review.


2 Responses to “Paperback Edition of FAINT OF HEART Now Available!”

  1. Jim Says:

    Nice to see this come out in paperback. (Great cover, too.) People who haven’t read the digital version are in for a real treat!

    I’ve forwarded the purchasing info to the library — they’ve got close to a dozen copies of Bad Day For Voodoo on order now. I had to grab the product description from the ebook page, though, there doesn’t seem to be one on the paperback page?


  2. Kyle Says:

    Even though I read the eBook version on my Kindle, I’ve got this one in my wish list on Amazon. Great little story and will look good on the shelf.


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