New Anthologies, Part I: Corrupts Absolutely?

I have been a total slacker about updating this site with new short story appearances, but that stops as of today, dammit! So I’m going to start with the anthology Corrupts Absolutely?, edited by Lincoln Crisler and published by Damnation Books, which contains my short story “The Origin of Slashy.”

The book is a collection of superhero stories, asking the question “If you developed superhuman powers, would you use them to save the world, or would you go all Christopher Reeve in Superman III and stop shaving and have intercourse and do bad things?”

The book is available as both a paperback and an e-book, and you can get it RIGHT HERE.

Lincoln Crisler also did virtual panel discussions for the book, with groups of 3 or 4 authors talking about issues relevant to the book. My topic, shared with Trisha Wooldridge and Ariyana Spencer, is HERE.

Other contributors: Weston Ochse, Joe McKinney, Cat Rambo, A.S. Fox, Andrew Bourelle, Anthony Laffan, Edward M. Erdelac, Jason Gehlert, Jason M. Tucker, Jeremy Hepler, Karina Fabian, Kris Ashton, Lee Mather, Malon Edwards, Tim Marquitz, Wayne Helge, Wayne Ligon, and William Todd Rose.

5 Responses to “New Anthologies, Part I: Corrupts Absolutely?”

  1. Muriel Says:

    You know, you should stop contributing to anthologies. Who wants to read all that nonsense from those other people just to get to your story?


    • jeffstrand Says:

      I totally agree. From now on I’m only contributing to anthologies that are 100% my content!


    • Jim Says:

      In all seriousness, Jeff’s contributions have exposed me to at least a dozen authors who are now on my “must read” list. For example, a little gem, “The Bell…FROM HELL!!!” in BLOOD LITE subsequently introduced me to one Mr. Harry Dresden, the reading of his complete exploits having put me months behind on my TBR lists.


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