New Anthologies, Part VII: Splatterpunk

Okay, not really an anthology, but it’s the premiere issue of a very cool ‘zine called Splatterpunk. Old school, baby! Contains my mean little story “Confession.”

Learn about it and order your copy RIGHT HERE.

3 Responses to “New Anthologies, Part VII: Splatterpunk”

  1. Jim Says:

    If this is half as good as it looks like it may be, I’m going to have to find out about subscribing. It’s a shame that postage from there is darn near the price of the item itself.


  2. jeffstrand Says:

    I know! Why can’t foreign countries just move closer so we don’t have to pay so much?


  3. Jim Says:

    So far, the magazine does not disappoint. If issue #2 is as good (read: issue #1 isn’t a fluke) it will be worth a subscription.

    CONFESSION shows yet another style of writing you can easily adapt to. Of course, the ending steps out of the harshness a bit and provides a nice twist. I guess at this point, the only style you haven’t written in (or at least admitted to) would be straight out romance. Although, as instructed, I still have avoided the round-robins. Perhaps there?


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