Voodoo Bookmarks

Even if you’re a Kindle-wielding maniac, you love bookmarks, right? Everybody loves bookmarks. 

Especially…A Bad Day For Voodoo bookmarks!

How much would you pay for a Voodoo bookmark? Thirty-two cents? Forty-five? Maybe even seventy-eight cents? Well, you won’t pay a gosh-darn penny, because I’m mailing those things out for free! All you’ve gotta do is send your mailing address to gleefullymacabre@gmail.com and I’ll send you a few, one for you and some to give to your friends, loved ones, bookstores, and public libraries.

Q: What if I only want one?

A: Tough.

Q: What if you send me 10 or so, and I keep one and trash the other 9? 

A: Then you totally suck.

Q: But how will you know?

A: I won’t. But YOU’LL know. And it will haunt you.

Q: When does this offer expire? 

A: Pretty soon.

Q: I’ll e-mail you right now!

A: Sweet. 

8 Responses to “Voodoo Bookmarks”

  1. Jim Says:

    If you have a few to spare, please hold one or two back for me! I need to put one with my “Feast” bookmark I picked up (way back) when you signed my copy of PRESSURE. (I still need to track down a new/well cared for copy of DWELLER to make a matched pair.)


  2. Kyle Says:

    Yeah bookmarks!!


  3. Zombie Dogs Says:

    I got my bookmarks in the mail today. Thanks, Jeff! The bookmarks are cool, and I will cherish and adore the envelope they were sent in in a non-creepy manner that may or may not involve a shrine of Strand.


  4. Kyle Says:

    Got mine today, thanks Jeff! One is going into my BDFV HC copy! 🙂


  5. Tim M Says:

    Thanks for sending these out. The public library didn’t want them so I gave the whole stack to the homeless guy under the bridge.


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