Corrupts Absolutely: Bit by Bloody Bit

Meli Hooker at Dreadful Tales is doing a very thorough, multi-part review of the anthology Corrupts Absolutely. Today’s installment of Bit by Bloody Bit covers the sixth through tenth stories in the anthology, which includes my contribution, “The Origin of Slashy.” Part of what she says is:

“Strand is a master of horror/comedy, so even though the content is centered on brutal reality he elicits chuckles without being inappropriate or offensive.”

I apologize to those readers who were hoping for something inappropriate and/or offensive. You can read the whole entry right HERE and get Corrupts Absolutely right HERE.

P.S.: Go buy A Bad Day For Voodoo

2 Responses to “Corrupts Absolutely: Bit by Bloody Bit”

  1. Meli Hooker Says:

    I am always thoroughly impressed with how you manage to handle sensitive subject matter with finess while being grotesque and well, gleefully macabre… perhaps that’s a better way to put it 😉


  2. jeffstrand Says:

    Thanks! It really was a conscious decision to NOT be distasteful with the story instead of taking a “Look at how shocking I can be!” approach.


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