It’s a good thing I haven’t done any posts in the past few days, because they would have consisted entirely of “Must not scratch the bug bites. Must not scratch the bug bites. Must not must not must not MUSTNOTMUSTNOTMUSTNOT AAARRRGHHH THEY ITCH THEY ITCH I’VE GOTTA SCRATCH ARGH ARGH ARGH!!!”

But, for the most part, I did not scratch them (deerfly bites, to be specific) and they have faded from grotesque wounds that would make you literally regurgitate to ugly blotches that would merely make you shriek in revulsion. My hope is that by Necon my legs will be suitable for public viewing, not that I plan to show them off.

I’ve got a few new A Bad Day For Voodoo reviews to link to over the next week or so, but for now check out this Dread Central review of A Feast of Frights, which says “‘The Story of My First Kiss’ by Jeff Strand is my absolute favorite tale in the book. It’s delightfully twisted, wickedly funny, and completely warped.”

And, hey, I finally recorded a new episode of my Gleefully Macabre podcast! Dread Media uploads them pretty quickly, so it should be up in the next couple/few days. 

TOMORROW: An interview with the lovely and talented Nick Cato!

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