A Title At Last

I haven’t actually posted about this, unless you’ve been following the Coming Soon page, which you probably haven’t, but I’ve been working on a novella without a title. It is, in fact, the most I’ve ever written on a project without having a title.

I need titles. Calling it “Untitled Novella” bugs the crap out of me. Sometimes I’ll have the title before I even have the story, but usually I’ll sit down and come up with something before I get too far along. 

For this one, nothing came to mind, and I suddenly thought “Is it possible that there hasn’t been a book called Stalker?” I knew there was that awesome anthology Stalkers from days of yore, but had the singular version been used as a novel title? 

Yes. It’s been used many times. Recently.

But, with some tweaking, I came up with Stalking You Now, which even has completely appropriate multiple meanings depending on which word you emphasize.

If you want to see how far along I am on the novella, along with the other stuff I’m working on (right now: Camp Doom and Survival Horror) check out the Coming Soon page.


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