They’re back! Maybe you didn’t know they were gone (what, you don’t actively follow news about the financial solvency of publishers?) but they were, briefly, and now Pressure and Dweller are back with shiny new e-book covers by Lynne Hansen…and now they’re only $2.99 each!

You can order Pressure from Amazon (Kindle edition) or Smashwords (all e-book editions).

And you can order Dweller from Amazon (Kindle edition) or Smashwords (all e-book editions).

If you prefer to order Nook editions from Barnes & Noble, iBooks editions from Apple, etc., those feed over from Smashwords, so they’ll be up soon!












2 Responses to “PRESSURE and DWELLER Are Back!”

  1. Lionel Green Says:

    ‘Dweller’ is one of my top 10 favorite horror novels of all time. An underrated gem, it is creatively written with a gut-wrenching climax. If you’re like me and wandered the woods as a young boy-nerd in the late 1970s-early 1980s, the book is really nostalgic. Keep up the excellent work, Mr. Strand.


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