Chat Tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 18, is the unbearably exciting day that my new short story collection, Dead Clown Barbecue, goes up for pre-order! To celebrate (i.e., attempt to convince you that this is a wise purchasing decision) I’ll be doing a chat in the Dark Regions Press Special Recreational Events Center.

It’s December 17 (2012) at 8:00 PST. Which means that in my time zone, it’s…aw, crap, 11:00 PM?!? I have to get up early the next morning! Son of a…..

Anyway, there’ll be free things won, so be there! If you go to the website now, you can set up a reminder, which means NO EXCUSES!!!


One Response to “Chat Tomorrow!”

  1. Kyle L. Says:

    I’ll be there with bells and whistles on. Thank god for no video chat.


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