Dead Clown Barbecue!

Yes, the collector’s editions of my new book, a 90,000-word short story collection called DEAD CLOWN BARBECUE, are now available for pre-order from the fine folks at Dark Regions Press. There will be a super-duper-ultra-deluxe hardcover limited edition, a deluxe hardcover edition, a trade paperback edition, and an e-book edition, so whether you’re a collector or a reader, your needs will be met.

(Note that there won’t be pre-orders for the e-book edition, and I don’t THINK there’ll be pre-orders for the trade paperback–although you can include a discounted copy with your hardcover order. Those editions aren’t going to sell out, unless you buy up every amount on digital storage space on the Internet.) 

Head on over to and get your copy of the hardcover editions before everybody else gobbles them up!

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