So I’m watching this documentary on YouTube called THE SHINING CODE, which presents theories about how Stanley Kubrick filled THE SHINING with hidden messages confessing that he faked the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Some of the theories presented here are rather clever. Some of them are pushing it. And some are like a desperate college professor trying to convince his students that a poem is filled with symbolism. (During a shot of the massacred twins, there are three lights in the background. Those lights represent the three astronauts who died in Apollo 1!!!)

None of it convinces me that Kubrick or anybody faked the moon landing…but my dad works for NASA, so I could be in on the whole thing…

(Also, Kubrick coded hidden messages into EYES WIDE SHUT, confessing that he was kind of a perv.)


6 Responses to “THE SHINING CODE”

  1. Miche Sipes Says:

    I read something recently (can’t remember where) which pointed out that orchestrating a conspiracy requiring tens of thousands of people to keep quiet for over 40 years would have required far greater effort than simply going to the moon!


    • jeffstrand Says:

      Maybe it was SUPPOSED to be a conspiracy, but then they ran the numbers and decided they might as well do it for real.


  2. Jeremy Says:

    Hello Jeff,
    I bought your book “Gleefully Macabre Tales”, I am at your story “Secret Message”. I am not going on until I decipher it, which has me troubled. I have found your book hilariously disturbing. All that ask of you is an honest answer… Does z equal a?
    Thanks for your time and I hope to see another collection soon.


  3. eht--^^//^^--eht Says:

    In 2018, for us, ‘SHINING’ has largely emerged.

    While Kubrick off–handedly, even crudely, tosses in opening references to
    race, the moon hoax, the Kennedy hoaxes, INTEL’s ‘homosexuality’ project,
    and frontier cannibalism in what may have been another hoax –psy op
    – – – but these are secondary and subsidiary.

    What Kubrick is –really— dealing with is the subversion and overthrow
    of the American republic, and even, indeed, ENGLAND – – -by the inter–generational
    USURY mafia.

    Rob AGAR’s youtube study has much to show in this regard.

    But AGAR does not even go deep enough, and may even be selling MIS–direction.

    NOTE, in 2018, we realize every male in the picture, with the sole exception
    of HALLORAN, reads, and is meant to read – — FTM. Before birth subverted FTM.

    Kubrick is showing us not only the planned destruction of the American republic
    by USURY mafia – – -but details it as being implemented via eternally applied
    shame, and manufactured and manipulated guilt – – -played out by –largely clueless–
    in utero subverted FEMALES presented as men.

    Better take another look – -before your own scenery starts falling
    – – –in this, the 11th HOUR of RED CHINA handover TREASON
    ———————- – – and the ‘monetized’ put away of POST AMERICA !


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