Editing My Feelings

Round #1 of edits on my next Young Adult novel, I Have A Bad Feeling About This, are complete. I had to cut a fake blurb from JK Rowling and a really gross part about hot dogs. If I’m ever in England and I see JK just hanging out somewhere, and she’s not having dinner with her family or doing anything where it would be rude to come up and talk to her, I’ll read her the blurb and ask if she would have sued me. I think she will chuckle with her charming accent and say “Why, no, love, of course not; here, have a biscuit,” but I don’t know that for sure, so I accepted my editor’s decision to cut it with only moderate weeping. 

2 Responses to “Editing My Feelings”

  1. Michael McBride (@mcbride_michael) Says:

    My British is a whole lot of rusty, but doesn’t biscuit mean the same thing that “hummer” does here?


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