‘Zine Talk!

Over at Snakebite Horror, there’s a review of Splatterpunk #2 by Nathan Robinson that says my story “Fair Trade” was “instantly my favourite read of the year, accomplishing more tension in three pages than some authors do in entire novels.” You hear that, some authors? Suck it!!!

Much more important than the sweet comment about “Fair Trade” is the interview with Splatterpunk head honcho Jack Bantry. If you miss the glory days of ‘zines, check out the interview here:


2 Responses to “‘Zine Talk!”

  1. Jim Says:

    I was looking for ordering information on their website and see that they put out two chapbooks last month. Have you (or anyone else) read either of these? I’m not familiar with either of the authors.


    • jackbantry Says:

      “Interloper” is by Barry Hoffman, Bram Stoker nominated author of “Hungry Eyes”. He also runs Gauntlet Press. “Christmas Is Cancelled” is by Dan Henk, a tattoo artist based in Philly. Dan has a novel out on Anarchy Books and illustrated Jeff’s story “Fair Trade” in the latest issue of Splatterpunk zine…


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