The Perdition of Zephyr Hopkins

If most people were offered the choice of A) being chased by an axe-wielding psycho, or B) getting laid off from their job, they would wisely select option B. I mean, c’mon, nobody wants an axe-wielding psycho chasing them. It’s only common sense. However, if you asked most people what they were more worried about, they’d go with option A. (And axe-wielding psychos use this to their advantage, going after their unsuspecting victims while they are distracted by worries of being laid off.)

So though author Jesse S. Greever calls his novella The Perdition of Zephyr Hopkins “part horror story,” it doesn’t contain any traditional horror elements. It’s actually a novella about a guy who loses his job and doesn’t want to admit it to his wife. Oh, sure, he’ll have to tell her about it at some point, or, y’know, maybe he’ll find another job before their finances take a real hit and everything will be just fine.

SPOILER: Everything is not just fine.

It’s a story about a guy who has really screwed up, and has to continue to screw up because otherwise his wife will find out how badly he screwed up, in which case he’s totally screwed. And I had a nice little knot in my stomach while I was reading it. 

The Kindle edition is only 99 cents, so even if you’re unemployed and hiding it from your family and desperately trying to figure out how to make ends meet, it’s a bargain! 

Get it HERE.



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